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I am usually uncharacteristically silent on Facebook, Medium, and social media when it comes down to politics and elections. For good reasons, this is not an example of my detachment or anger, but more so one of attentiveness, self-reflection, and a genuine curiosity of learning.

I could have simply engaged in pointless Facebook or Twitter arguments in comment sections, but I have instead taken this time to listen, educate myself, and learn from history’s past. I am reading most of your comments and posts — conservative or liberal, family, friends, peers, and strangers. I’ve read the majority.

With an open mind, I am making an effort to truly understand everyone’s viewpoints. I believe traveling outside of the United States last year to four countries in Europe helped shape these perspectives. I am looking forward to more travels in 2021 once the global pandemic is in check. Anyways, my biggest takeaways for our country are disbelief and division. …

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I’ve been unemployed for the past seven months.

2020 hasn’t been easy. My heart goes out to others as I’m aware of the reality of the situation we are living through. The job market and economy are at their lowest points since the global financial crisis of 2008–2009.

I have applied for job after job and received many rejections. I’ve made it to the last round of two interviews to be passed on by candidates who had more experience.

I’ve never heard back from hundreds of the places I applied to which is problematic for HR departments and recruiters. …

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What did one pumpkin businessman say to the other pumpkin? If you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!

In business, change is inevitable. As a business owner, you must be prepared to address change as new demands arise. Responding wisely to changing demands allows more adaptive businesses to flourish. A smart pivot can save struggling companies, create new growth opportunities, or be the discovery that allows for the dominance of an industry. In the fast pace of modern business, learning how to quickly adapt through a well-thought-out shift or sale is essential.

If a major life event comes up that prevents you from running your business as usual, or if you plan to retire soon, you need to be prepared to sell your company. When it comes time to transfer business ownership, think of the process as more of a life transformation than just a transaction. It’s not about cutting a deal, but also making a transition plan to guide you comfortably through the next phase in your life. …

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We’re practically seven months into the Covid-19 global pandemic — with no end in sight. Some individual's nerves are tattered and tensions are running high. If you’re in between jobs, panic may be setting in right about now. Personal savings and unemployment benefits could be depleted and you may even be facing rejection after rejection on your job hunt. I am aware because that’s been the case for me too.

You read about 50+ million Americans filing for unemployment benefits since March, the unemployment rate being at 10.2%, and start fearing that it may take many more months before landing a new job or even years for the economy to be back to where it was. …

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Image: Miguel Luis

You’ve heard it over and over again on the importance of being positive, thinking positively, and only engaging in positive actions. In this day and age, and everywhere you turn, being positive isn’t always a simple task. Because if it was everyone would do it.

Turn on the news and the first thing you will normally see is something negative. Head into work and a cynical coworker is already complaining about the morning they’ve had or your manager. …

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I’ve always had medium-sized dreams for my life. I wanted to be good at something and recognized for my skillsets; I wanted to achieve, be productive, and make an honest wage. I wanted to be a part of something (I just didn’t always know what). And in my 27 years on this Earth, I’ve been a part of many different job cultures — a liberal arts student, corporate professional, 1099 contractor for two New York insurance and fintech startups, freelancer, self-employed business owner, and now, unemployed for the past four months due to the Coronavirus.

I am aware of all the shortfalls of writing about the way the world feels right now: History is cyclical; this too shall pass; stay the course; there’s light at the end of the tunnel. But our current environment and this worldwide shift feel intense. Many of us have never lived through a period of time like this one. It is profound and it shows. …

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Image courtesy of Mark Adriane on Unsplash

Do you want to know why people are negative? Do you want to know why people are irritable? Do you want to know why some people drain you of your energy? Do you know why most people have a bad attitude? Honestly, do you want to know?

Because it’s easier to be upset than it is to be happy.

Positivity is my choice and it’s a better view for me. Here’s why I believe so…

Today, and practically every other day of the week, it’s your responsibility to keep a positive mindset even at your lowest points. …

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Amsterdam — July 2019

Currently, amidst this global pandemic (and truthfully for a few months now) I have been thinking deep into my own self-critique. This has not been healthy and I am done drowning, escaping, hiding, and being dishonest with myself and with others.

Yes, I have read hundreds of books thinking that would help. Maybe it has and maybe I have also been drowning in all of that information in the middle of very little action or application of that knowledge into potential power.

I thought yoga, meditation, and weight training would fix it all and would let me love myself. …

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To my friends, partners, clients, and fellow readers,

Throughout the entire world, these past few months have been surreal for us all. Indiscriminately, every country, economy, business sector, and demographic has been deeply impacted. With no precedence, we sit and observe in our homes.

In following the rules and supporting our front-line workers, we are building a stronger sense of community and appreciation for what and who we have in our lives. People seem more connected now than ever before, more willing to help, and are hyper-focused on moving forward from these trying times.

We all are facing the same unknowns and uncertainties each day that we wake up. But over cracks and potholes, through the seemingly impossible, our countries are moving ahead because the best way out is through. Now is our time to be grateful, to lead by example, to be optimistic, to take action, to support your family and friends, to support your team, and to work even harder and smarter to solve these huge problems. …

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Picture courtesy of Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I am no different from the millions of others who are looking for work or have been looking for new opportunities for months now. I’ve been out of work since February 10th and was reluctant to share some of this. However, given these trying days, other individuals I see and know who are also opening up and being vulnerable, I was inspired to share my personal story.

I am not married but I do have a happy and healthy relationship.

I do not yet have any children.

I do not yet have exceptional cash reserves of at least 3–6 months to live off of. …


Donovan Vogel

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