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“The human species is unique because it alone can create, recognize, and exercise options. It is part of human uniqueness that we are endowed with the faculty of choice. The only way to predict our futures is to create them.”

Motivation is bullshit, garbage and talked about way too much today. There’s only a handful of individuals who are doing it correct today. To name a few we have Anthony Robbins, Jordan Harbinger, Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk and a few others. Do you know what those people I mentioned are doing a lot of? They’re the ones taking MASSIVE ACTION. Action in a sense of networking, making the right calls, practicing gratitude on a daily basis, listening to their customers needs and giving incredible value to others life’s.

They’re allowed to let us in on how its done because 1) they’re actively making huge things happen, 2) they’ve consistently been doing it for decades and 3) they’re leveraging proven systems, not giving you a million different “keys” to drag around with.

For far too long now we haven’t had enough people taking MASSIVE ACTION. Hell, I’m pretty much talking to myself on that last one! At least I’m self aware of my strengths and weaknesses. In my eyes 2016 was my tryout. 2017 is the time to sprint. And then 2018 is going to be the marathon! What about yours?

Nonetheless, I’ve seem too many weak people on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Live and other blogging/vlogging services today telling all of us their “secrets” to success. The space has become too clogged with people who are far from practicing what they preach. They’re simply looking for 2,750 to hundreds of thousands of new followers. In reality, they should be following themselves first before asking others to follow them.

Action’s the real and only answer to all of our problems. Success in its most basic form is an individual who succeeds simply by doing what the individual who failed did not do or was not willing to do.

I’m simply saying we could all be doing better. How often have you heard that lately? It’s funny and scary at the same time we’re the only species on the planet who can think of a positive thought, memory or experience to make ourselves happy, and on the other hand, think of a terrible or less-than rewarding experience to make ourselves feel sad.

We all have purposes and gifts to give to the world. There really is a reason for your talents and your passions. The things we love to do are not an accident. It’s a matter of continuing to believe in yourself and your abilities. Empower yourself to turn your dreams into a reality. Don’t ever give up on what you dreamed of doing when you were a child, in your early 20’s, 30’s or even into the middle years of your life. Believe in yourself first before you rely on others to do it for you. Most of all, you have to start! Ask yourself, “What do you really want?”

We hear it all the time, right? But in all honestly, “Do you want to be healthier?”, “Do you want a more fulfilling relationship?”, “Do you want a spiritual transformation?”, or “Do you want to double or triple your current income?” These are critical questions to be asking yourself, writing down and actually taking action on your goals and dreams. The vast amount of resources and information that’s flowing through our Internet and brains at this very given second is unprecedented. We’re drowning in information yet starving for knowledge at the same time.

We’re capable of so much more. Yet few of us make a dent on the world and leave a legacy for our last names. From my personal experience, I saw what I wanted out of life and the path I wanted to go down versus what I saw from many others simply following societies standard of what it meant to be successful in life. The lie of getting a safe and secure job was implanted into all of our minds at a young age.

It’s unfortunate many still live underneath a rock and antiquated system where settling for $40,000 and $50,000 a year salaries for 40 years of a lifetime is “just what I had to do”. No, it’s not what you had to do. You simply chose that whereas in reality there’s a better way if you’re willing to put in the work as opposed to going home drinking a cold beer and watching television like average people do.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t average people. Prior to the end of 2015, I was going down the same exact path I saw my parents going down. For some people, there isn’t anything wrong with that if your parents are or were successful in careers such as medicine, engineering, law or business. However, looking back into my own household, that wasn’t the case. So I told myself that something needed to change.

I’d also be naive enough to work for a company for 20, 30 or even 40 years to keep my fingers crossed that 1) I’d have enough liquidity in my 401(k) or IRA, 2) my full benefits would be in place and 3) I wouldn’t run out of money during my golden years of retirement seeing as we’re living much longer lives due to advancements in technology.

Moreover, looking at my father’s situation, he worked for a company for damn near twenty years in a high-level management position only to have his job and position eliminated in October of 2016. Now I don’t tell you that for pity or sympathy, I’m just making light of the fact that relying on a company to guide you into your years of retirement is foolish.

I’m a rather simple man with simple wants and simple needs. I’m going to retire my parents after seeing them slave away for far too long. I’d be crazy not to give back to them after everything they’ve given me in life. I just want to take care of my family and my needs first. Then traveling, swimming in beautiful blue oceans of Hawaii, watching the New Zealand All Blacks on the pitch and dining on the finest cuisine in the world will be next.

The only way to predict your future is to create it in your mind first before it’s ever manifested into reality. I sincerely hope this helped whomever’s reading. Don’t be like everyone else out there. Do what makes you happy and don’t lie about your grind. Dream bigger than your dreams!

My Very Best,

Donovan Vogel

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Philadelphia based teaching financial literacy | Prospering all other hours | Writer | Lifter | Reader | Traveler | Freedom & Wellness

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