Fight The Good Fight: This Too Shall Pass

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I am no different from the millions of others who are looking for work or have been looking for new opportunities for months now. I’ve been out of work since February 10th and was reluctant to share some of this. However, given these trying days, other individuals I see and know who are also opening up and being vulnerable, I was inspired to share my personal story.

I am not married but I do have a happy and healthy relationship.

I do not yet have any children.

I do not yet have exceptional cash reserves of at least 3–6 months to live off of.

I do not yet have a mortgage but I do rent a beautiful four-bedroom home in Philadelphia with three of my friends.

I do not have a car payment but I do own a car that is mine.

This is all on me. No one is coming to save me regardless of how much money the government is sending me in April.

Maybe this is the good news because I’ve been here once before. Well, minus the whole 2008–2009 global financial crisis and now the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019–2020.

Nevertheless, I’ve been so broke before that I feared where my next meal would come from.

In the past, I have had only my arms to hold onto while anxiety and stress cut through every corner of my body.

I too have felt the pressure of trying to do it all on my own and failing with each and every step.

I too have had those sleepless nights, negative bank accounts, long calls with family members and friends wondering if this is going to work or if things are going to ever improve.

If this is you or someone you love and respect, know this:

We are all human beings, not humans doing. Do not be humiliated by being knocked down.

If there’s a single lesson I learned playing sports, specifically rugby, it was this. Recognize in life you are going to fall to the ground, you may want to stay there, but it is so much better to get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

I mean what is the alternative? Seriously? Are you going to remain in defeat, demoralized, pessimistic, sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, and fearful? We’ve all been in those slumps and low points but realize that you cannot stay there forever.

Choose to be a winner, be a fighter, stay optimistic, stay healthy, keep growing, realize happier days are right in front of you, depression can be beaten, fear can shift to abundance, and the sacrifices you’re making today are going to be worth it.

We may all “be in this together” however you are indeed going through your own unique struggles, feelings, beliefs, and emotions.

The only way out is through as we’ve heard time and time again.

If there’s one lesson of many that we’re being taught right now it’s that none of us are too special to escape this crisis and global pandemic. When we want to change it is called an opportunity and when we don’t it is deemed a challenge.

Total transparency, honesty, integrity, cooperation, collaboration, and helping those in need at this time will be my way of giving back and rising to the occasion.

I am curious to know, what has been working for you these days? Stay optimistic because better days are ahead!

My Very Best,

Donovan E. Vogel

Philadelphia based teaching financial literacy | Prospering all other hours | Writer | Lifter | Reader | Traveler | Freedom & Wellness

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