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“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” — Jim Rohn

When I was a little boy I never questioned meaning or purpose. I had intuitively lived in the present every single day and moment of my life.

I remember spending countless hours outside playing with my friends, riding bikes, playing videogames, drawings pictures of what I was seeing right in front of me, playing baseball and, ultimately, having fun.

However, as we grow older, which we all will do, a little bit of that drifts away from some of us. I can’t be the only one who’s experienced that, right?

Between high school, sports, our parents, work, dating, college, graduate school, professional careers, families, parenting, kids, and our environments to name a few variables, we lose track of what’s really important…OURSELVES.

Listen, experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. This is what happens when you lose focus on your present reality and stress about the future and or worry about your past.

Look, what’s been done in the past is done. I’ve found out we cannot go back to any of that shit. And stressing about the future state of the economy, job markets, businesses, college, marriage, children and any other situations isn’t healthy either. We all (myself included) can do and, play, a better role at being present in all facets of our lives.

Have you ever heard the saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear?” People and situations arise in your life to teach us what we need to learn.

I have been blessed after moving away from Carlisle, Pennsylvania & Washington, Pennsylvania to now be living in Philadelphia. To be immersed in a country, city, and culture while building so many strong connections and relationships has truly been gratifying for me.

I never want to stop playing and learning again. It’s never about what we are doing in our lives. It never will be. And, I truly believe I’ve only begun to really understand and become more self-aware of this.

We are all growing, reflecting and changing and I love to see it whether I’ve personally expressed that to you or not. I’m still working on getting better at that!

Once you can begin to adopt a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset everything will change for you. And once you can get out of a scarcity mindset and into an abundance mindset everything will change for you, too.

Stop running away from discomfort and start running towards clarity.

Being your best self always wins. Being present and self-aware is a winning mindset, too.

Maybe happiness, peace, and health reside within us all. Let’s all go back to being our true authentic selves because being young in your heart space is rad and so much fun today, at least from what I’ve found and have come to experience through others.

Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize. For me I want that to be my happiness, peace, health, and legacy. I want others to become aware of these aspects of their lives as well.

Because ultimately we only have a short time here on Earth, which is really going to be a tiny blip on our radars.

We must celebrate the dash between the day we were born and the day we die. Everything else is relative for both you and me.

My Very Best,

Donovan E. Vogel

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Philadelphia based teaching financial literacy | Prospering all other hours | Writer | Lifter | Reader | Traveler | Freedom & Wellness

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