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Something Ventured: Risk, Reward & The Craft of Questioning It All

“If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.” — Jim Rohn

All you have to do is start. There is NO excuse not to be creating content around your businesses brand, personal brand, product, service or whatever kind of operation you have in our new economy. Whether it’s creating a podcast (next on my agenda), starting a blog, or doing a Q&A show. More times than not all of it will work.

Now in our modern digital landscape, world, and environment we live in, we can produce so much more content at scale while still having access and maintaining quality. Notice I said quality. There’s a lot (quantity) of content being put out these days so I’m aware I’m not the only one recognizes the good from the bad.

Our challenge is the word entrepreneur sure has lost its meaning today since the birth of social media. Today, virtually anyone who has a Facebook, Instagram, website or business page thinks they own a fucking business. I am NOT here knocking anyone’s side hustles, grinds or business but you guys and girls need to start taking business more seriously and understanding that just because we’re in 2017 doesn’t mean business has gotten any easier, or that now it takes less time to succeed. That sure as hell isn’t true as any great overnight success still takes around 10–15+ years to achieve. It takes 10,000 hours of hard work to master a craft or discipline for a reason.

One of the biggest obstacles we as Millennials face in business this year and moving forward is the inability to conform to the reality of the work out there. What I mean by that is that if you need capital to start, don’t beg — get a freaking job. Don’t ask family members, friends or rely on VC’s to give you what you want. Be independent and get it yourself! That’s 100x more respectful.

Work 8–5 or 9–5 pm and then continue working on whatever you’re truly passionate about because we sure as hell know it isn’t your corporate career, more times than not. Be frugal, be smart, save some money and invest even more money into your work, dreams and personal library. Life is more than making on average $40,000 to $60,000 year before taxes and then being taxed on the other large percentage of it. This all goes back to being self aware of the world we’re in and the opportunities staring directly back at us.

If you don’t know where to start, then don’t. First, start learning, reading and personally developing leadership skills instead and simply get exposed to how business and business owners operate. There’s a prominent shift in mindset that has to be made from the E & S quadrants over to the B & I quadrants as Robert Kiyosaki discusses in his book Cashflow Quadrant.

Stop looking at what others have done and try to compare your growth without having context as to their baselines, story, values, challenges or setbacks. Good businesses take time, commitment, hard work and constant willingness to do what you need to so you can eventually live the life you want for yourself, your family, and your future family.

Simply because some individuals made it easier than others doesn’t mean you will make it with ease or should expect to. Instead, you should welcome the hard work, setbacks, challenges, debt, and the naysayers. Use all of that as ammunition and motivation! We sure as hell are aware of its need!

And lastly, never expect to get lucky. Keep that luck shit in your back pocket. Preparation (personal growth) + positive attitude (beliefs/mindset) + opportunity (good things coming your way) + action (doing something about it) usually = LUCK.

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“When feeling overwhelmed by a distant goal, repeat the following: I have
it within me right now, to get me to where I want to be later.”

I strongly believe that timing is everything. It’s like real estate with location being everything just this time it’s better. When we have the leverage we must recognize the moment and strike! My friends and family, this is the time. I promise that whatever we’re truly passionate and dream about at night can be accomplished with a little bit of risk, preparation, action and persistence to see the reward come through. Ask yourself the tough questions and, more importantly, seek mentorship and guidance from others you’re afraid to talk to or even those you admire.

Contrary to popular belief, if they’re the right person, they want you to succeed as much or even more than they did. They’re willing to sit down and go through a Q&A session with you, jump onto your podcast, be in your Instagram story or even partner up with whatever your business opportunity may be. We simply need to be more direct, courageous, and opportunistic. Guess what, we have it deep down inside of ourselves too!

I respect you and your eyes for reading! If you even remotely enjoyed this article, hit that heart button below as it means a lot to me. It helps others see the story and content too : )

My Very Best,

Donovan Vogel

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Philadelphia based teaching financial literacy | Prospering all other hours | Writer | Lifter | Reader | Traveler | Freedom & Wellness

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