The outcome of the 2020 election is defining the future of our democracy

Donovan Vogel
4 min readNov 5, 2020
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I am usually uncharacteristically silent on Facebook, Medium, and social media when it comes down to politics and elections. For good reasons, this is not an example of my detachment or anger, but more so one of attentiveness, self-reflection, and a genuine curiosity of learning.

I could have simply engaged in pointless Facebook or Twitter arguments in comment sections, but I have instead taken this time to listen, educate myself, and learn from history’s past. I am reading most of your comments and posts — conservative or liberal, family, friends, peers, and strangers. I’ve read the majority.

With an open mind, I am making an effort to truly understand everyone’s viewpoints. I believe traveling outside of the United States last year to four countries in Europe helped shape these perspectives. I am looking forward to more travels in 2021 once the global pandemic is in check. Anyways, my biggest takeaways for our country are disbelief and division.

I am in disbelief at the amount of smart, rational, intelligent people within my network that haven’t tried taking this approach. The same goes for the Black Lives Matter movement and systemic racism in our country. Trust me, I am aware that not everyone is capable of being open-minded, and that’s fine.

What baffles me is seeing these people — men, women, LGBTQ allies, supporters of equal rights for humans of any race or color, business owners, educators, working-class folks, healthcare workers, environmental folks, all of which are GOOD people — still supporting our current President for the 2020 re-election. It makes no sense to me. For better or for worse, I haven’t mentioned anything until now.

I want you to understand that I am disappointed with the division of our country. Frustrated with a two-party system, anxious about the current state of our great country, and angry for those perpetuating this fear, closed-mindedness, and honestly letting it get to this point in the year. I’m sure you will want to argue or strike back with your opposing views, but I am asking that you listen for once, reflect, become aware of where we are in 2020, and come to your own conclusions before jumping to one.

This is the most important election of our lifetime and the results have the potential to be devasting if it comes down to that. If you’re still questioning anything, I merely ask that you take a step back and consider all the people in your life who you LOVE and CARE about.

At the core of it all, this election is for human rights. If you have loved ones of any kind — men, women, POC, LBGTQ friends, and the list goes on, this will affect all of you. If you give a damn about science, climate change, and the future of our environment, this also affects you. And don’t forget, this country was built on immigrants. Your ancestors, more likely than not, are immigrants. Imagine if your family members were treated poorly, how would you feel?

At any rate, I am a registered Democrat. I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I support the second amendment and the rights we’re freely given here in the United States for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I proudly voted blue. We are all human beings, not humans doing. We all have rights, and your vote this year was critical to reinforce and protect all of that. Democracy is at stake this year and it’s bigger than colors or you, this is a vote for the protection of our human rights.

Before calling me whatever it is you want or insulting me, I will be the first to admit that both Presidental candidates aren’t perfect. I am not and you aren’t either. But Joe Biden sure as hell has more empathy, experience, and leadership than the other guy does this year.

What America needs now more than anything is to have someone in the oval office for the next four years who isn’t so full of hatred or himself. Donald Trump isn’t it. We can and will do better.

The American people are determining who will serve as the next President. The crises facing our country are severe, let’s not downplay any of that. From a global pandemic to an economic recession, climate change to racial injustice, the list goes on. Let’s hope for a peaceful transition of power.

Now, and moving forward into 2021, is time for less disbelief, division, and hate. It’s time for more belief, connection, unity, and love. Be patient with the voting results this year. Take your time and free your mind. Maybe then you’ll find some peace of mind.

My Very Best,

Donovan Vogel



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