Why You Still Need To Understand the Shopping Annuity In 2018

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have conversations with people all the time because that’s what business is about. Relationships are all about the conversation. Someone’s talking and someone’s listening. Hopefully, you’re the one doing more of the listening. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

Good businesses are more consultative, not so hard in the “selling” department. When sitting across the table from someone ask yourself, “What is this person’s specific want or need?” What we’re really doing is connecting with people through conversations. Through need, cause, love, heart, and emotions. We’re positively getting into their minds and hearts to perform what some surgeons call brain surgery. Most importantly, we’re looking for win-win situations. Honestly, I believe more businesses are moving in that direction in the 21st century.

First, it’s important to lean into the future. That’s what’s happening right now with traditional businesses and more American malls closing their doors than ever before. Where are they going? Well for one, there hasn’t been a new mall built in the U.S. in more than a decade.

That migration is moving towards e-commerce, click-and-order and online shopping. It’s not sexy but positioning yourself for what’s happening next, versus what’s happening now is always smart. That’s what made Wayne Gretzky a great hockey player. He didn’t focus on where the puck was, he focused on where it was going, and he skated there first. Let’s do that!

“This is the Uberization of online shopping in the digital age.”

The Financial Logic of the Shopping Annuity

It doesn’t matter your background, upbringing, profession or financial situation because we are all consumers and we all spend money. We will be doing that for the rest of our lives, there is no disputing the fact. Go try to not spend money for a week or month and let me know how far you get!

Doctors, lawyers, CPAs, engineers, teachers, bankers, marketers, surgeons, technologists, and financial planners are all very smart individuals assessing the Shopping Annuity in today’s day and age. This is something that’s being shared all over the U.S., and now globe, after 25 years of entrepreneurial success!

So, you may ask, what do we talk about? We are really talking about money. When we are younger, say 18–30 years old, we have our time freedom and health but we might not be happy with our financial situation. From 30–50 years of age, maybe your health and the financial outcome are getting better, however, time freedom isn’t when owning a home, raising a family and working 60–100 hours a week for a large company and traveling. Lastly, from 55–75+ years of age, we may finally have the time and financial freedom, but at what cost? Did you really see your family or did you work all the time? Did you sacrifice and put your health at risk? Were you there for your children?

When we reflect and look back on our lives, why not strive for health, proper nutrition and wellness, financial prosperity and time freedom? Contrary to the media and popular opinions, we can have all three. But, ‘Donovan’ you may be asking, how? Great question!

Let’s talk about how to earn, save and invest your money in the smart Shopping Annuity way.

Did you know that the amount of money we hold in our banks today gets completely eroded by inflation? The purchasing power of our money and dollars today is no good. How can we really do much with this?

When wages are stable (rising at 1–3% a year if we’re lucky), and the cost of living is going up year after year, don’t you think you need an additional vehicle or stream of income to increase your quality of life? Allow me to pose three questions:

1. Do you shop?

2. Do you currently get paid to shop?

3. Would you like to get paid to shop?

Great! Let me explain and elaborate. It’s fair to say, that with the Internet today, people have a lot of ways to earn money. But remember, it’s not about how much money we earn, it’s about how much we keep.

If you’re an employee, technically you are renting a position at whichever firm or location you work at. If you are self-employed, you are technically owning an expensive job. The only way to build long term success financially is to own a business that leverages a system and training. Ask any millionaire or billionaire and I’m confident in saying that many of them own their own businesses.

More people need to realize they’re doing okay but ultimately that vehicle won’t get them to where they want to go. So ask yourself, “If I stopped working today, how much money would I need coming in every month to support my already existing lifestyle?”

What’s The Final Entrée?

The Shopping Annuity is money we already spend on everyday purchases such as groceries, gas, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, vitamins, supplements, skincare products, makeup and so much more.

Not all people believe in traditional annuities, which to each his or her own. For one, the majority of people do not have enough money to invest in a single lump-sum premium or deferred income annuity. This can be an income for a specific amount of time, or for the remainder of one’s life. Secondly, people don’t trust insurance companies or financial institutions after the setback and the Great Recession. It is true that pensions and retirement plans don’t work like they used to. The whole industry is going through a lot of innovation and change as we speak. Lastly, Millennials aren’t saving or investing nearly as much money as their parents did because of debt such as student loans and credit cards. But, as a rational optimist, much has changed.

E-commerce trends are on the rise in America and click-and-order is dominating the brick-and-mortar space, and will continue to do so. More individuals are looking to lead healthy lifestyles after witnessing their parents and grandparents work their butts off and go through so much burnout. Thankfully with a product brokerage, internet marketing, and patented franchising concept, the buying power is being put back in the customer's hands, not big businesses or advertising giants on Madison Avenue.

Let’s take a look at Shop.com. What we have got to do now is shop smarter and be our own best customer. Howard Shultz does not buy his coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Elon Musk does not drive a BMW. Jeff Bezos doesn’t shop at Shop.com. And, Loren Ridinger doesn’t use Mac, Sephora, Chanel, L’Oréal or Estée Lauder cosmetics. That wouldn’t be a good business or a legacy you would want to pass down to your children. We’re simply helping individuals change their buying habits and re-direct their purchases that have been brainwashed by mainstream advertising for decades now.

The customer program we have to offer is completely free, as opposed to paying $99.95 a year for Amazon Prime. What this does is it puts 2% — 50% live cashback back in customers' pockets and bank accounts. Think about where you currently shop. Did Target, Apple, Nike, Walmart, Jet.com, Macy’s, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Coach, Adidas, Dell, HP, Microsoft or any other name-brand stores pop up in your mind or mental list? If they did, great! There’s a partnership that goes along with them that’s looking to benefit everyone involved in a win-win situation.

At the end of the day there are three types of shoppers in today’s economy:

  1. People who shop in-store. Maybe they have some type of loyalty card or credit card giving them .5%–3% cashback for their in-store purchases.
  2. Online shoppers. Yes, there may be better deals on Amazon and eBay but there is no cashback. Shop.com has over 4,000+ partner stores, 3,000+ exclusively branded products similar to Walmart’s and Target’s of the world and additionally offers everyone 2%–50% cashback on all of their online purchases.
  3. Unfranchise owners. These individuals are shopping annuity consultants who teach others how to save money shopping smarter online.
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There’s much more to talk about but for the sake of this blog I won’t continue much more with the logic or facts, but you have to get one of them! Understand and position yourself in this new year to capitalize and take advantage of concepts and successful trends that will continue well into the future.

Think about 10 and 20 years from now, which I understand isn’t easy, as opposed to wishing and hoping for the next Friday, Saturday and Sunday to roll around. This was a small blueprint to elaborate and unfold the layers of what we are capable of achieving in life. Reach for your highest level of success in 2018 — and then go just a little bit higher!

P.S. I intend to put out much higher level content this year than I did last. With that being said, we’re looking at about 1 maybe 2 blogs per month as opposed to the almost weekly ones I was churning out in 2017. As always, thank you for reading!

My Very Best,

Donovan Vogel

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Philadelphia based teaching financial literacy | Prospering all other hours | Writer | Lifter | Reader | Traveler | Freedom & Wellness

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